The success of applying social media networks is not only calculated by the number of users, but also most important the quality of work, the constant brand or companies participation and the incorporation that it has with the brand or company, maximizing the resources of statistics. Analyzing the constant number of recurring users or established hours of highest traffic to know when to deposit the greatest effort in those time intervals in order to obtain the highest results.

Please, fill in all the questions that you can, if they do not apply, then do not hesitate to omit them.

The objective of this question is to guide our production process towards the objectives of your company. The more information you provide, the better. So we will be able to quote the best strategy for you and your business.

1 - Your company, Does your product or service have a visual identity? (Logo, business cards, menu, flyer, etc.)

2 - Does it currently have a website? If your answer is “Yes”, please provide the link

3 - Do you have any social media accounts? If your answer is “Yes” , please provide the link/s

4 - What is your company doing? Please describe your ideal consumer.

5 - Do you know your direct competitor? Who are they?

6 - Email

7 - Company name or contact